Friday, April 24, 2015

Farmer's Wife....

I starting dating my husband when I was a sophomore in High School and he was a senior.  He was a farmer then and has been since.  It is in his blood and that is one of the many things that I am proud of him about. 

He has never given up on his farming and he is very good at it.

I on the other hand after being married for almost 11 years I am still figuring it out. 

I have occasionally fed buckets in the past but in the last year I have fed more buckets than in the last 10.  I have learned how to help plant plots as my husband is a Channel Seedsman.
I am not saying that I am a city girl whatsoever I like to be in the country.
I just have never been the hands on in the farming business but I have to say I might gripe and complain while I am helping him or when I have to go do chores and it is late when me and the kids get home, but dang it I feel accomplished at the end of the day and oh my it is a workout also. I feel like I have put
my hands to work helping out family farm out! 

I will say to my husband that I am probably not that much help and he almost always (there are a few times when he says just back up) says better than no help at all.

I love that our kids will have the experience of growing up on a farm and know how to drive tractors and all that good stuff. 

My 2 youngest kids watching on... the oldest was at church

I once wondered why I married a farmer than I realized that it was a gift to marry a farmer. 
GoD made a farmer. (april pizana photography)

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